SC UMT SA was set-up in 1960. Presently it has 4 production sectors for metallurgical equipment, travelling cranes, naval cranes, metallic structures for industrial buildings, welded subassemblies for earth moding equipment(including casted components) .

Roman SA
was set-up in 1921 and presently is a group of companies manufacturing trucks and buses and all main components and subassemblies for the production. It is equipment whit steel and iron foundries , forge department , heat-treatment, machining departments, painting shops.

Timpuri Noi SA was set-up 140 years ago.
The company is producing diesel engines, electric generators, electric compressors. It is equipped with iron foundry , machining departments, painting department .

PUG - Craiova The company was set-up in 1975. The main production is welded assemblies, metallurgical equipment and heavy machine tools.