Eastrade SRL was set-up in 1991 as a 100% private company.

The main activity is the export of components and subansemblies for machinery building industry, such us:

The main clients of Eastrade SRL are:
- European factories from CATERPILLAR Group
(Caterpillar France - Grenoble, Caterpillar Belgium SA, Caterpillar OEM Solutions - Belgium, Caterpillar Hydraulics Italy SRL) .
- The foundry GHM WASSY - France

The main manufactures for Eastrade SRL ar:
- Uzinele Mecanice Timişoara;
- Roman SA- Braşov;
- PUG SA, Craiova
- Timpuri Noi
SA, Bucharest

Eastrade SRL is assuring for all manufactures the whole logistics for foreign trade - contracts, orders, invoicing, planing the deliveries, obtaining truks for transportation, tehnical documentation and tehnical assistence in setting-up the production lines for medium type serial production.

- welded assemblies, inclunding casted components for truck-type tractor and excavators;
- casted or forged components for hydraulic applications;
-machined components from laminated steel bares(pins,axles,busings , u.s.o).

- machining of grey castings or nodular iron casings ( caps, pistons, brackets, u.s.o)
- other parts, subassemblies for machinery building industry.

The volume of export has been increased every year, in 2007 totalling 15 million Euro . For 2008 the volume is estimated at 20 million Euro.